Join the Little Friends Music Circle for a Music Playdate located in Palm Coast, FL. Local moms (and female caregivers) with toddlers ages 2-5 years in the Palm Coast area are invited to an hour of music learning and relaxed playtime. The first twenty minutes are dedicated to music circle time for a lesson in which musical concepts are introduced. This portion of our time together is intended to be an opportunity for the parent and child to partner together in music learning. Parents are encouraged to sing along so their child can discover their own voice through music learning. After music, the remainder of the hour is geared toward connection through playing. When the music lesson is over, toys are opened for the children to play with and coffee will be ready in my kitchen for the moms (or female caregivers) to enjoy. There is no fee for this music playdate because it is my passion to see a community of mothers come together and connect.


Slots Available